An analysis of Jake Andrich’s bio including age, height, sexuality, girlfriend, family, and wealth

Jake Andrich, born November 7, 1996, is a Canadian actor, fitness model and investor. He is also a TikTok celebrity, YouTuber and media face. His social media posts of sexy films and photos helped him rise to fame in Canada. He created an account for 18+ information. His YouTube channel has millions upon millions of subscribers. He also has a YouTube channel. He mostly discusses his everyday vlogs as well as ordinary life.

Andrich created his TikTok account back in 2020. Since then, he has become one of Canada’s most famous celebrities. He worked in many different jobs in Canada before he became famous.


Jake Andrich is not a Wikipedia person, despite him being an internet celebrity. He is a frequent user of the Onlyfans and TikTok platforms. He posts odd videos to TikTok, and rarely answers the most commonly asked questions about himself. Jake Andrich, TikTok’s star, has over 500 posts on his social media account at Onlyfans.

He posts content that is only available on this website. The subscription fee is $12.99 per month. Subscription bundles are available at a 5% discount on the standard price. His net worth is unknown at this time. However, his millions of Instagram and TikTok followers could have made him a substantial amount of money.

Jake Andrich’s age

He also known as Jakipz on stage, was born November 7, 1996 in Alberta, Canada. He is now 25 years old. He is a popular social media influencer who has a large following.

He stands at 5′ 6″ (1.68m) tall and is 65 kg. After quitting his job as a tradesman, he joined OnlyFans, an adult content website that attracted many people. He made millions selling only images of his feet online and attracted thousands of people.

Is Jake Andrich also known as Jakipz gay?

For a long time, internet users have been interested in Andrich’s sexuality. The rumors are based on Jake’s Onlyfans post. Many of his Onlyfans supporters have confirmed that Jake is gay. Many people still debate whether he is gay. Jake was asked by his fans if he is straight, or LGBT+ in a Youtube Live broadcast. He replied that neither. Jake claims to be an Ancient God as evidenced by the tattoos covering half his body that depict Greek and Egyptian mythology. The tattoos are his expression of fluid sexuality, he claims.

This is probably why Jake does not identify as gay. Instead, he describes himself as someone with flexible sexuality who has a tendency to change his sexual desires over time. His reaction has prompted his fans to be curious about his true sexual orientation. They aren’t sure if he is gay.

Is Jake Andrich married?

Jake Andrich has been somewhat reticent, if any, to discuss his relationship. While we don’t know whether he has a girlfriend, or a partner in crime, we can only assume he is single. Jake Andrich’s toned, well-shaped, and inked body has attracted the attention of men and women via his social media platforms, especially Instagram and OnlyFans. This has led to the curiosity of his followers to find out about his relationship status, including whether he is involved or not.